The operation of Karkhe & Shavoor Pump Station

Location: Ahwaz ( Sosangerd & andimeshk ) city

Capacity: 12,600 m3/hr

Employer: Karkhe & shavoor Operation Company

Date of starting: 2009

The operation of Karkhe & Shavoor Pump Station

Brief specification of treatment process

There are 15 pump stations in Khoramshahr and Southern Karkheh to maintain irrigation of Karkheh and Shavour.Five of these stations are for draining and the remaining ten are for irrigation. The installed pumps in thesestations drain water from Karoun and Karkheh rivers and then irrigate a vast triangular agricultural land betweenGamboue Jungle, Hoveyzeh and Alhaee region. The minimum and maximum capacity for each pump is 360m3/hr and 6480m3/hr respectively.