The city of KOOT-E-AMIR water treatment plant

Location: KOOT-E-AMIR (Ahwaz)

Employer: Water & Power khoozestan Company

Supervisor: Dezab Consulting Engineering

Date of starting: 1997

The city of KOOT-E-AMIR water treatment plant

Brief specification of treatment process

To provide a portion of Ahwaz water demands by the expansion plan of KOOT-E AMIR zone water treatment plant,two clariflocculator basins have been installed. Each basin is 54 meter in diameter and includes 2 units ofclarifier and flocculator which are in service simultaneously. The dimensions of the middle unit (flocculator)are 10m in diameter and 8m in height. The rotating travelling bridge, including the flocculator, is 27m long.This unit is consisted of a double central bearing to regulate the speed of flocculator and the middle unit mixer.There is only one similar unit similar to this, which has been manufactured in West Germany by Degremont Co. in 1969.