FAJR Extension Water Treatment Unit

Location: FAJR Petrochemical Company (Mahshahr)

Capacity: 3,450 m3 /day

Employer: FAJR Petrochemical Company

Supervisor: Tecinco Consulting Engineering

Date of starting: 2010

FAJR Extension Water Treatment Unit

General specification of the influent

FAJR Industrial wastewater with the specification of: Mass flow rate 440 m3/h , total oil 3482 PPm, Free oil 2787 PPm , BOD5 = 1170 PPm, COD=2446 PPm

Brief specification of treatment process

In fajr petroleum wastewater treatment expansion plan, by considering input wastewater with oil pollution of maximum concentrationof 3482 PPm, API and DAF units are used to remove grease in the way that Maximum output oil concentration of API and DAF units inan order is 790 and 28 PPm.

In API units which consist of two vessels with capacity of 875 m3, travelling bridge with stainless steel material is used.They do supernatant and sludge removal operation as well. In order to exit the oil from wastewater surface, adjustable skimmer pipe is used.Meanwhile for exit of sedimented sludge two screw pumps are used accordingly. Wastewater then streams to the aeration unit and sedimentationtank. Treated waste after disinfection can be used for irrigation or releasing to the surface water sources.