The City of Azadshahr Wastewater treatment plant

Location: The City of Azadshahr

Capacity: 9,500 m3 day

Employer: Golestan Water and Wastewater Company

Supervisor: IRANAB Consulting Engineers

Date of starting: 2012

The City of Azadshahr Wastewater treatment plant

Brief specification of treatment process

The utilized process of AzadShahr sewage treatment plant is consisted of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic procedures by the help of the activated sludgein which nitrogen azote and phosphor are also removed. After sand removal, sewage is pumped to the anaerobic unit and then to the anoxic tank for NitrogenAzote removal. At such systems the nitrated swage flow of the aeration unit would be sent back to the anoxic tank for removing the nitrated compound andnitrogen at a gaseous phase. Other units of this treatment plant are: Aeration basins, settling lagoons, disinfection unit for outgoing treated water andthe mechanical thickening and dewatering units of acquired sludge.