The City of Javanrood Wastewater treatment plant

Location: The City of Javanrood

Capacity: 9,500 m3 day

Employer: Kermanshah Water and Wastewater Company

Supervisor: Tehran Sahab Consulting Engineers

Date of starting: 2012

The City of Javanrood Wastewater treatment plant

Brief specification of treatment process

At first, the incoming sewage at Javanrood waste water treatment plant is pumped to the anoxic tank then it would be led to the aeration unit.After aeration process the output treated water of aeration unit is pumped to the circular settling unit. Then a portion of acquired active sludgeis sent back to the anoxic tanks and the rest is transferred to the sludge thickening/holding unit. After disinfection by UV rays (or chlorine gas),the outgoing treated water of settling lagoons is suitable for irrigating municipal parks or it is returned to the surface water.