Development of Kish (Central, Mirmohana, Marjan) Wstewater Treat

Location: Kish Island

Capacity: Central: 2000 m3 per day
Mirmohana: 1650 m3 per day
Marjan: 600 m3 per day

Employer: Kish Water Company

Supervisor: Reyab Consulting Engineers Company

Date of starting: 2008

Development of Kish (Central, Mirmohana, Marjan) Wstewater Treat

Brief specification of treatment process

The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Kish Island is consisted of three independent treatment plants Central, Mir Mohanna and Marjanwhose capacity are mentioned above. These treatment plants had been designed on Activated Sludge Method. Mojan Engineering Co. has doubledthe initial capacity each of the treatment plants by the MBBR method. Every one of the treatment plants includes the following unit: ...

Screening, Lift Station, Equalization (Equipped with floating surface aerator), Aeration (biological treatment)Flocculation, Settling, Disinfection, Filtration, Excess sludge pump station, Aerobic sludge digestionSludge drying beds, Local and central board of the required electricity in the treatment plant