Qeshm Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Qeshm Island

Capacity: Shahrak saheli : phase 1(1000m3) phase 2( 3000m3)
Iran zamin : phase 1( 1000m3) phase 2 ( 3000m3)

Employer: Water & power Qeshm Company

Supervisor: Abran Engineers Company

Date of starting: 2009

Qeshm Wastewater Treatment Plant

Brief specification of treatment process

Treating Qeshm includes the following for sections:

Preliminary treatment unit
Mechanical screening and gritting by two cyclones’

Secondary treatment unit
Including aeration by blower & diffusers sedimentation with rotational half bridge, telescopic valves and pumpingstation of excess and returned activated sludge accompanied with magnetic measuring system of flow.

Tertiary treatment unit
Including disinfecting the treated effluent by hypochlorite-Na Also the treatment plant includes local and central boardof the essential electricity in the treatment plant accompanied with PLC control system, diesel alternator, 20 KW post transformer.