The city of Khoramabad wastewater treatment plant (Module 2, 3)

Location: The City of Khoramabad

Capacity: 72,000 m3 day (Modules, 2, 3)

Employer: Lorestan Water and Wastewater Company

Supervisor: Water & Wastewater Consulting Engineers

Date of starting: 2002

The city of Khoramabad wastewater treatment plant (Module 2, 3)

Brief specification of treatment process

This treatment method utilizes the anaerobic and aerobic lagoons in second section. The equipments of this module are weir bypass, Mechanical &Manual Screens, Parshal Flume with Ultrasonic Sensor, Flow Distribution Plates, weirs & buffers & Lagoons’ Covers, Low speed fixed SurfaceAerators, Aeration Lagoons, On/Off valves, All the controlling panels and electric boards, 20KV Post panels, step-down transformer, lighting controlsystem and Earth wiring.

The sewage treatment process in the third module utilized Activated Sludge methods which is consisted of Parshal flume with Ultrasonic sensor,equipments of Sand Removal unit which include Travelling Bridge & Blowers and Air lift Pumps, Equipments of primary and secondary Settling(sedimentation) basins inclu ding rotating bridges & weirs & Telescopic Valves, the whole Package of chlorination unit, complete packageof primary and secondary Sludge Pumping station including Pumps & Valves & Joints & Piping network, the whole pumping unit of treatedwater, Types of Gate & Penstock & Stop log Valves, Weirs & Control gates & netted covers, Piping network of Returned and Excess Sludgeand air channels, the whole Laboratory’s equipments, Step down Transformer, Diesel Generator, Complete package of Electric Boards and Control Panels,Lighting system of Buildings and campus, Earth wiring, Fine Control Instruments.