The city of Anzali wastewater treatment plant

Location: The western part of Bandar Anzali

Capacity: 20,000 m3 per day (Module 1) 30.000m3 per day (Module 2)

Employer: Gilan Water and Wastewater Company

Supervisor: Parsconsult Consultant Company

Date of starting: 2001

The city of Anzali wastewater treatment plant

Brief specification of treatment process

Treatment of wastewater in the aerobic way (Activated Sludge – Extended Aeration) consists of: Aerated mechanical grit chamber with traveling bridge,API grease removal flow division box, measuring the flow, aeration by low speed surface aerators with control system and D.O automatic regulating andautomatic gates and weirs, final sedimentation (with rotational half bridge), telescopic valves and pumping station of excess and return activated sludgeaccompanied with magnetic measuring system of flows, sludge holding tanks, belt thickener and belt filter press, disinfecting the treated effluent by U.Vlamps, the local and central board of the essential electricity in the treatment plant accompanied with PLC control system., Diesel Alternator, 20 kv post transformer, ...