The city of Salmanshahr wastewater treatment plant

Location: Salmanshahr

Capacity: 800 m3 /day

Employer: Mazandaran industrial towns company

Date of starting: 2003

The city of Salmanshahr wastewater treatment plant

General specification of the influent

Salmanshahr wastewater has the specification of industrial wastewater COD=2000 mg/lit, BOD = 1000 mg/lit.

Brief specification of treatment process

The utilized treatment method in Salman Shahr Industrial Complex is a combination of anaerobic and aerobic units.

After passing from screening and grit removal units, wasted water flows into the equalization tank then it issequentially pumped into the anaerobic reactors, aeration and settling (sedimentation) units. The advantages of thissystem are that aeration unit is connected to the settling unit so the electric consumption is reduced to minimumand it will ease the operator’s task. The Ability to treat highly polluted sewage by minimum energy consumption isanother superiority of such systems. Another benefit is lower sludge production in which obligatory discharge of sludgefrom sedimentation to the equalization tank, is only required at long intervals.

After sedimentation, the sewage goes into the chlorination unit to be disinfected then it passes the sand filters andexits the treatment plant.

The resulted sludge is thickened in thickening unit then it is transferred to sludge holding unit to be shipped out ofplant later.