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  • The portable packages of industrial and sanitary wastewater
  • Rasht Wastewater Treatment Package

    Rasht Wastewater Treatment Package

    Treatment process in Mojan MBBR packaged plants includes screening, anaerobic and aerobic treatment, flocculation, sedimentation,sludge holding tank, and effluent disinfection. MBBR packaged systems are completely assembled and ready to run. They aremanufactured by carbon steel properly coated for ...

  • Freshwater Package

    Freshwater Package

    This project is about design and build of three fresh water packages for platform A, B, C in 12 phase south pars. Phase 12 of the southpars Gas field development project is to produce gas and condensate for export. Each platform has water storage tank with 14m3capacities, two in line pumps with ...