Pressurized Filters (Sand filter and Carbon Active filter)

Removal of particulate waste from raw water streams can be accomplished through settling, centrifugal separation or mechanical filtration.

The simplest type of particulate waste removal system is the settling basin. The velocity of the effluent water is slowed in a large tank or pond and the particulate wastes are allowed to settle to the bottom for later removal.

Centrifugal separation systems operate on the principle of spinning particulate-laden water so that the denser particulate waste is forced to the wall of a cone by centrifugal force. Mechanical filters can be divided into two subgroups; media filters and screen filters. Both operate by acting as a physical barrier to the particulate waste. The main advantage of mechanical filters over the previous two systems is that filters do not rely on the density of the particle, i.e. floating objects are filtered equally as well as heavy objects. Here, Filtration is only limited by the size of the particle. Unlike sedimentation basins and centrifugal separators, mechanical filters require a cleaning cycle which utilizes energy.

Media filters are typically composed of a container holding a fixed volume of the filtering media. They can be pressurized or open-flowing. Open-flow filters with respect to pressure ones are very limited in the amount of water flow they can handle.

Mojan Co. manufactures media pressure filtration systems (both sand and carbon-activated types) in various capacities.  

Components and materials:

Mojan pressure filters are manufactured from steel plates according to ASME and ASTM standards and are available both in vertical and horizontal types. Main components of these filters are: cylindrical steel made filter chamber, side glasses, supports, steel collector plate, nozzles, pressure safety valve, manometer, air  vent valve, piping, fittings and valves and control unit.( upon to request)  


Some of Mojan pressure filters features come here in below:

High efficiency in removing fine solids including colloidal particles

Easy maintenance

Easy installation

Very low operational head loss

Low capital and operating costs

Long trouble free life


Mojan pressure filters applications are mainly utilized in the fields coming follows:

Surface water filtration

Drinking Water treatment

Municipal/industrial WWTP (tertiary treatment)

Final treatment with active carbon

Refrigeration cycles water filtration

Swimming pools water filtration

Water treatment packages