Corrugated plate interceptor (CPI)

The CPI (corrugated plate interceptor) Oil Separator is an oil-water gravityseparator, developed with Shell’s technology, and is suitable for oilywastewater treatment. CPI Oil Separator enables high efficiency gravityseparation with corrugated plates, providing excellent treatability with a highflow rate. The simple structure makes it possible to reduce the constructioncost and facilitates maintenance.

-The corrugated plates are located at short intervals, providing highoil-water separation efficiency. This makes it possible to stably treatrainwater even when the amount of rainwater treated is two or even four timeslarger than usual.

-Compared to the PPI (Parallel Plate Interceptor), the CPI Oil Separatorrequires about 2/3 the installation area.

-Compared to the PPI, the CPI Oil Separator has a relatively low constructioncost.

-The simple structure facilitates maintenance.

-The CPI Oil Separator uses a molded synthetic resin that is highly resistantto corrosion, acid, and alkali, such as FRP, and is suitable for water quality.

-The compact structure eliminates any concern about plastic deformation.