Sand Classifier

A grit removal unit is usually installed in urban and industrial sewage treatment plants. The removed grits which have been separated by various methods such as aerated grit chambers and Pisten Usually contain organic material. The grits will be washed thoroughly to get rid of these organic compounds. The returned water of this process is pumped back to the treatment process. The cleared grits and sand are free from any contamination and they are ready to be returned back into the environment.


Municipal effluents

Industrial effluents



Main Advantages:

Place the trough on the ground and fix it stably to prevent it from tipping over.

Unpack the hopper components and lay them out for assembly.

Apply the gasket supplied and the silicone seal in the coupling flanges between the various hopper elements;

Fit the hopper, starting from the rear or one of the side walls;

Complete the hopper assembly;

Position and fix the separation plate inside the hopper;

Fix the rubber sheath to the outlet container using the clamp supplied;

Fit the outlet container on the separation plate inside the trough;

Fit the vent on the relative perforated cover;

Fit the hopper covers;

Assemble the support foot if this has been dismantled for transport.