Extended Aeration Process

These extended aeration activated sludge portable packaged plants are designed to treat municipal wastewaters providing excellent quality disinfected effluent.

Typical Mojan Packaged Plants include screening, aeration, clarification, sludge holding tank, and effluent disinfection. These prefabricated packages systems arrive nearly completely assembled and ready to run. Construction is based on fabrication steel tanks properly coated after sandblasting for long term exposure to wastewater.

Process description:

Raw wastewater is conducted into the packaged plant where it is screened and flows into aeration chamber. When the waste flow moves through extended aeration vessels, BOD content will be removed. A clarifier then separates the wastewater providing a clear effluent. After that, Chlorination unit disinfects the decanting effluent from clarification unit for safe discharge to the environment. Sludge is partially recycled to aeration chamber improving treatment efficiency. Waste sludge will be directed to the sludge holding tank for disposal. Tanks sizes and internal flow rates are custom designed to meet the treatment requirements of waste flow.



Mojan Co. packages are excellent for BOD/COD removal and nitrification/de nitrification in different types of wastewaters. Some applications of these packages come here in below:



Hotels and resorts

Food and dairy

Pulp and paper

Chemical and pharmaceutical


Military camps

Athletic camps

Building camps

Airports and terminals


Small Town


Features and Advantages:

 Mojan packaged plants are self contained treatment systems including all items needed for a functioning plant. Some features include:


Quick Manufacturing

Compact design

High effluent quality

Small foot print

Simplicity of installation and operation

Low capital and operating costs

Reusable Treated effluent for irrigation according to environmental standards

No need to construction at site

Quick installation