Chemical Dosing & Preparation Package

Chemical dosing unit is an integral part of any system where chemicals need to be added as a part of a water/wastewater treatment methodology.

Mojan’s chemical dosing units are used to add a wide variety of chemicals into water/wastewater being treated prior to disposal or further use. These units can be designed to meet the specific needs of a treatment plan, and as it is modular, is adoptable to changing conditions. The unit’s high performance for its weight and moderate space requirements make it ideal for use where space is a concern and reliability is essential.

Chemicals are stored and dosed from a package, which consists of multiple storage and/or dilution tanks with a set of dosing pumps and mixers. Number of tanks and their size will depend on specific chemicals needed, anticipated usage, and delivery intervals.

Mojan’s chemical dosing units are applicable to treatment of wastewater and potable water, onshore plants and refineries,…