Prefabricated Transportable Water & Wastewater Treatment Packages

One of the main environmental concerns is the industrial waste water disposalwhich is produced by factories, hospitals, military camps, sports clubs,airports, town complex etc…

It’s almost impossible to dispose discharge sewage from above mentionfacilities and organizations into the city sewage network. It will contaminatethe water sources by entering the ground water, rivers and even undergroundwells. To prevent this problem Mojan Co., in regard to its environmentaldoctrine, has manufactured prefabricated wasted water treatment packages whosemost important specification is being transportable and pre-manufactured in thefactory. These packages use the three innovative methods of MBR, MBBR, SBR and extendedaeration to treat urban wasted water. They aremanufactured according to the customer’s needs by considering designingparameters such as flow rate (capacity), available space, environmentalcondition, the desired quality of treated water. There will be more on theimportant specification and application in following paragraphs.

Industrial sewage treatment packages are also produced which apply anaerobicmethod by using UAFB and UASB frameworks